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Since its inception, YSOW has been a pioneer in providing an alternative to incarceration for young people involved in the criminal legal system.

We operate under two main program structures:
Residential & Community-based



Our residential program is operated through a 12-bed facility that serves young men ages 18-24. The YSOW model is unique in its emphasis on treating the whole person with a wide array of services within a structure of discipline and accountability. With an outstanding record of reducing recidivism, YSOW has demonstrated that its nontraditional approach is effective in improving public safety, saving public dollars, and redefining the lives of young people involved in the legal system. 




Through our LEAD (Leadership, Excellence And Development) Academy, we serve young people ages 16-25 who are coming out of incarceration within our facility, or from other correctional facilities throughout the county. LEAD Academy offers vocational training, substance abuse and mental health services, a GED program, training in conflict resolution and violence prevention, as well as arts and cultural enrichment programs. Through LEAD Academy, young people receive ongoing case management and support for a minimum of one year.


YSOW understands the power of restorative justice. We believe in giving young people the opportunity to be seen as more than their crime, but rather as individuals in need of support, nurturing, and guidance to reshape their futures as they return to their community of origin.

For more information regarding our programs, please contact Jordan Cormier, Director of Programming at or 914-668-4702. 

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