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Our Two Key Initiatives 

Emerging Adult Justice Initiative

The City of Mount Vernon has announced that Youth Shelter Program of Westchester (YSOW) will be the lead agency in a new partnership with the 9th Judicial District and Mount Vernon City Court. The Emerging Adult Justice Part of the Mount Vernon City Court is a new initiative established in the Ninth Judicial District. The mission of the Mount Vernon Emerging Adult Justice Part or “Emerging Adult Court” is to provide meaningful opportunities for resolving criminal cases by pursuing alternatives to conventional prosecution, sentencing and incarceration for young people between the ages of 18-25.


Headed by Executive Director Joanne Dunn, the YSOW will serve as the lead agency providing the coordination of services and case management for all involved within this critical project. The objective will be connecting young adults with services, resources, and opportunities through a collaborative effort involving public and private stakeholders to place emerging adults on the path of success and self-autonomy in becoming productive members of society.

Motion For Justice 

The Motion for Justice program creates pathways for prosecutors to bridge the gap between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve to create lasting policies and practices that tackle the racial injustices deeply rooted in the criminal legal system. As part of this program, prosecutors have an opportunity to partner with a community-based organization to disrupt and rectify the decisions and policies that have historically targeted and harmed marginalized communities and inspire others across the country to adopt similar measures to address the racial inequities in the criminal legal system.

The Youth Shelter Program of Westchester has two main program structures: residential & community aftercare. 

Residential Program

Our residential program is a 12-bed facility located in lower Westchester County, NY that serves over 150 young men ages 18-24 annually. The length of stay is determined by an individual's willingness to participate and their sentence/charges. During their stay at the Youth Shelter our young men participate in structured programming that upholds these core principles of discipline, self-respect, and respect for others while promoting unity and teamwork.  


LEAD (Leadership, Excellence And Development) Academy 

** Formerly known as our community aftercare program


Once a youth is discharged from our facility this is when our LEAD Academy team kicks in to ensure positive reintegration of our youth back into their communities of orgin. Our LEAD team provides ongoing case management and support for youth for a minimum of one year. 


Our two program structures of residential and community aftercare are rooted in 5 major program elements: clinical, education, vocational, community services/volunteerism, and family reunification.  As these combined program elements allow us to holistically service our young men and their ecosystem to restore, refine and reshape their future outlook. 


For more information regarding our programs, please contact Jordan Cormier, Director of Programming at or via phone at 914-668-4702. 

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